Atlanta Falcons News Today – Vic Beasley Hate Is Too Much

After winning the NFL Sack Title in 2016 with an outstanding 15.5 sacks. Fans (myself included) want to see Beasley recapture that form and get the Falcons defense to respectable level.

Instead Beasley has had a lackluster past few years. With a total of 10 sacks the last two seasons, I need those to improve.

With that being said… Let’s not place blame soley on Vic Beasley. Especially when you as a team have ranked near the bottom of the league in run defense and team sacks.

This Atlanta Falcons team must get better. But most fans don’t see it that way.

The teams issues are solely because of the lack of consistency from Beasley. Yeah, I know. Falcons DEFENSE is bad because of Beasley.

Many have taken to social media to bash and bully him in every way they can.

Saying he needs to be at Von Miller’s pass rushing camp and NOT at a charity event for kids.

Look I’ve had enough….

In this video Mad Mike gives his take on what Vic Beasley should be doing and if fans are going too far.


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