Braves season still a rollercoaster. A rocky one.

    Injuries, on and off pitching, a season ending injury (well he never started the regular season), and now an arrest of a player makes things for the Atlanta Braves seem so bleak.

    If you would have told that same red hot team of just last season that things would begin like this then they would have laughed. Granted, the season is still young, it’s far from over, but we still need for these Braves to climb, climb, CLIMB that ladder and not to look down.

    Mike Soroka is out for the season to nobody’s surprise and that is still disappointing news for Braves fans. Maybe he will be fully healthy next season. Rooting for a full recovery!

    When Braves fans thought things could not have gotten worse, they up and did. It’s like someone pulled a rug from underneath our feet and they want us to trip and fall.

    Marcel Ozuna slid into third base the other day, his fingers grazed a player’s shoe, and in turn he broke two fingers and is now out for six weeks.

    Okay, that’s just another injury. The Braves are used to that right now. It can’t get any worse right?

    Wrong! Apparently Marcel and his wife got into an argument which resulted in Marcel strangling her and throwing her to the wall, and keep in mind the police saw all of that so in turn Marcel was arrested.

Fans may or may not have forgotten but just last year Marcel’s wife was arrested for assaulting him. Their relationship seems to be toxic.

    With Ozuna arrested for a domestic abuse call, that could mean the end of his Atlanta Braves days. He brought something to the team and it’s all so disappointing.

    Well anywho, despite all of the drama, it’s almost June, but still early. The Braves need a good month. They need to reach .500 and above before the All Star Break in July, and speaking of the All Star Break, thanks to a new voting law in Georgia, MLB moved the game from Georgia.


    But this Braves fan still believes in her team. It’s still GO BRAVES win or lose.

    Despite all of the bad, there’s only one way to go but up for a talented team like this one.

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