Desmond Trufant Is Not The Problem – PFF Dispute The Fan Hate

Mad Mike has made it clear to several Atlanta Falcons Fans that Desmond Trufant “alleged” struggles in 2018 was a result of injuries and scheme. But they choose to focus on Trufant and former Falcons Cornerback Robert Alford’s (who was released in February) inability to record a interception.

I won’t to make it clear. I understand your frustrations. However, it’s more to the game than the end result. Interceptions are a small part of being a cornerback.

In Trufants case he’s at the mercy of both linebackers and defensive line.

For example… It’s well known the Falcons play a ton cover 3 zone. Middle Linebacker Deion Jones (who was placed on temporary IR) responsibility is to take away hooks in the middle. Strong Side Linebacker De’Vondre Campbell is responsible for the hooks and flats.


In fact Trufant was ranked 9th Pro Football Focus giving up long passes.

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