Lana Getting Snatched Balled By Naomi

WWE Superstar Naomi snatching a hand full of Lana’s hair extension. What a hilarious moment…

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That time that my best friend @trinity_fatu snatch me bald !!!! All because I beat her again in a dance battle !!!! I must say I REALLY MISS arguing with Trin over who is the best dancer, having the greatest dance battles LITERALLY in #WWE history, and of course more than anything I miss arguing over if Rihanna or Beyoncé is a better artist ! 😂 I miss taking fireball shots with you Trin, watching the sunrise together, making a ton of Snapchats, crying to you, venting to you, getting snatched bald by you, and entertaining arenas & stadiums around the world with you. And from the bottom of my heart I miss the #WWE Universe! Nothing brings me more Joy then entertaining all of you….. even if you are laughing at me, it makes me happy knowing I’m putting smiles on people’s face. I can’t wait for Trin to snatch me bald again in front of the #wweuniverse

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