The First half Atlanta Braves and the case of everything.

To sum it all up in a nutshell, the first half of the season for the Braves had its ups and downs. The Braves entered the season with high expectations after a good 2020 season. They were one win away from going to their first World Series since 1999, and fans were hungry for more in a full 2021 season.

The season didn’t begin as planned. Suddenly the bullpen is terrible one game, the next the offense is bad, and oh my goodness, the injuries on top of injuries!

The first half of the season has been frustrating to say the least. Braves fans have been thrilled to attend games at the newly named Truist Park for the first time since the 2019 season. Many had the World Series on their brains, redemption, and to have a good season to honor the late Henry ‘Hank’ Aaron, who passed away in January.

Also, for the first time since 2000, the MLB All Star Game was set to be at Truist Park! Fans were thrilled. So much excitement!

Most of the season the Braves have been below .500. Whenever they would be at .500, or close to it, it’s like something would drag them back down and suddenly they would be losing consecutive games.

2020 National League Freddie Freeman

The bullpen hasn’t been at their very best at times. Fans would hold their breath whenever a member of the pen would enter the game. Sadly, it’s like a case of Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde with the bullpen.

The problem wasn’t only on the bullpen however. Sometimes the starters would face problems, and our offense would not click at the right times. Key element for the first half of the season has been injuries.

Courtesy of Rotochamp, the Atlanta Braves relief pitching for the first half of the season
Braves relief pitcher AJ Minter

The Braves would start their season with the hopes of Mike Soroka joining the team after finishing the rest of the 2020 season on the IL due to a torn achilles. He was eagar to join in 2021, but unfortunately he injured himself again, retearing his achilles. Going to be a long recovery for him.

Another crush to Braves fans and Braves Country, the MLB All Star game was moved to Denver Colorado due to a controversial voting law in Georgia.

Despite the bullpen woes, and the bats disappearing at times, the Braves have managed to remain in within shouting distance of a .500 record and guess what, there is a second half coming up. They ended the first half of the season one game below .500.

Unfortunately and sadly it will be without one of their stars, Ronald Acuña Jr. who tore his acl while trying to make a catch against the Miami Marlins. He is out for the rest of the season and probably the beginning of the 2022 season as well but he is urging the fans not to give up on the team and we shouldn’t.

Quote from Ronald Acuña Jr. Courtesy of

So alas, we have the second half coming up and who knows what’s in store? We could have a resurgence. There could be plenty of excitement there. Key sentence here; The Braves have too much talent to stay down for long.

There’s also the trade deadline coming up. Perhaps the Braves will fix the issues.

I look towards Ozzie Albies having a stellar second half in honor of his best friend Acuña.

See y’all in the second half Braves! Good luck!

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